Running is the primary sport for many triathletes which is a good thing for many reasons; the problem lies in recognizing that the "run" in triathlons is the very last part of the sport and thus it takes a lot of confidence and trust in your coach to follow training diligently and set yourself up for a strong run portion of your triathlon.

Running races are a challenge and a gift. They can push us to engage in distances we have never thought were possible. Whether it's a personal record, a Boston qualifying time (BQ) or simply a desire to run strong, Pure Bravery Multisport can give you the tools to reach your goals with CONFIDENCE. 

Learning how to run a long easy pace or even a tempo run can come with practice and good coaching. Coach Amy comes from a long background in run coaching, so if you're needing a little bit of extra help or want simply run coaching, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Private run coaching: $75 per session/1 hr